Mikhail Afanasjevitch Bulgakov - Timeline
(15.05.1891 - 10.03.1940)

15. Mai 1891 - Mikhail Afanas'evich Bulgakov was born in the family of professor of Kiev Theological Academy.

Gymnasiast1907 - Bulgakov's family moves in Andreyevsky Spusk, 13 (the scene of the novel "The White Guard" and of the play "The Day of The Turbins").

1909 - Bulgakov graduates the First Aleksandrov Gymnasium and begins to study medicine at Kiev University. Student

1913 - Bulgakov marries Tatyana Nikolayevna Lappa.

1916 - Bulgakov finishes the University and begins to work as a physician - at first in the forward-area hospitals, then in the Nikolsk country hospital of Smolensk province ("A Country Doctor's Notebook").

1917 - Begins to write "A Country Doctor's Notebook".

1918 - Return to Kiev. Private physician practice.

1919 - Bulgakov comes to Vladikavkaz. He gives up medicine and devotes himself to only journalism und literature.

Writer1921 - Bulgakovs come to Moscow. They live several years in the 10 Sadovaya, appartment 50 ("evil apartment" - The Master and Margarita).

1923 - Works on the roman "The White Guard". Stories "Diaboliad".

1924 - Getting divorced from T. N. Lappa and living together with L. E. Belozerskaya. The story "Fatal Eggs". Publication of chapters from the novel "The White Guard".

1925 - Work on the story "Heart Of a Dog" and on the plays "The Days of the Turbins" and "Zoyka's Apartment".

1926 - Premieres of the plays "The Days of the Turbins" (MHAT - Moscow Art Theatre) and "Zoyka's Apartment" (Vakhtangov Theater). Search und confiscation of the typescript "Heart of a Dog".

Playwriter1928 - Work on the play "Flight". The plays "Flight", "The Days of The Turbins" and "Zoyka's Apartment" are banned.

1929 - Bulgakov begins to work on the "Theatrical Novel" and on the play "Molier". The play "The Days of the Turbins" in Moscow Art Theater is closed.

1930 - Work on the stage adaptation of Gogol's roman "Dead Souls" for Moscow Art Theater. Bulgakov meets E. S. Shilovskaja, later his third wife - prototype of Margarita in "The Master and Margarita". The phone talk with Stalin.

Rest1932 - The revival of the play "The Days of The Turbins" in Moscow Atr Theater. Getting divorced from L. E. Belozerskaya and marriage with E. S. Shilovskaya-Bulgakova. Work on the roman "The Master and Margarita".

1935 - Completing the play "Aleksandr Pushkin" ("The Last Days").

In 19361936 - Premiere and - after 7 performances - the ban of the play "Molier" in Moscow Art Theater. Bulgakov leaves Moscow Atr Theater and goes as a librettist to Bolshoi Theater.

1938 - Completing of the typescript of "The Master and Margarita" and of the stage adaptation of "Don Quixote".

1939 - Play "Batum" and the reading of the whole text "The Master and Margarita" to his friends.

Ill1940 - Bulgakov dictates the last corrections to the text of "The Master and Margarita".

10. März 1940 - Mikhail Afanas'evich Bulgakov dies from nephrosclerosis.

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