Mikhail Afanasjevitch Bulgakov
(15.05.1891 - 10.03.1940)

Bulgakow For the first time I read "The Master and Margarita" written by Bulgakov when I was 17 and then I could not do without it anymore. The novel was published in the magazine "Moskva" in 1966, 26 years after the death of Bulgakov.

I was lucky to get this magazine for two days from a friend of mine. Many of my friends could only read the copies of the magazine which were handed on again and again. In those days it was not simple to make a copy: all the copying machines were stictly controled by secret service. That's why there were some people who have manually copied the novel. (This may seem absurd nowadays, but there was no other possibility at that time.)

Since then Bulgakov is my world.
Mikhail Afanasjevitch.

There are many ressources on Bulgakov (some of them are listed here) on Internet. Particularly in Russian, no wonder.
My intention is, however, to offer some multilingual pages to provide overview and comparison.

His satirical short storys, novels and dramas are dealing with the correlation of humanity and power in the soviet reality.

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"Manuscripts don't burn..."
M. Bulgakov. "The Master and Margarita"

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